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Will Smith: He's The D.J. I'm The Rapper

He's The D.J. I'm The Rapper

Canciones de He's The D.J. I'm The Rapper

    01. NIghtmare On my Street
    02. Here We Go Again
    03. Brand New Funk
    04. Time To Chill
    05. Charlie Mack(1st Out Of The Limo)
    06. As We Go
    07. Parents Just Don't Understand
    08. Pump Up The Bass
    09. Let's Get Busy Baby
    10. Live At Union Square (November 1986)
    11. D.J On The Wheels
    12. My Buddy
    13. Rhythm Trax-House Party Style
    14. He's The D.J ., I'm The Rapper
    15. Hip Hop Dancer's Theme
    16. Jazzy's In The House
    17. Human Video Game

Año: 1988

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